What the fresh hell is this

I am not very technology savvy, I mean I can use it, if I have to I learn new stuff to help me along/find loopholes to do things.

Recently Monkey’s laptop has stopped playing certain channels, because the Digital Rights Management (DRM) is not enabled.

But it bloody well is, I have checked, double checked and then stropped and its not channels that it is a first time use, its channels that I have used before and know it has worked on.

Apparently its not google, its the actual streaming sites. It is driving me potty, because I can’t figure it out, I have done loads of toggling, changing of things and something called a power wash (turns out that was a factory reset)

I have googled time and time again and I am not getting very far, it is driving me bananas

if anyone has any good ideas, let me know before the laptop gets thrown into a wall and I march down to channel 4’s headoffice and stick the reminds of it up someones arse

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6 Responses to What the fresh hell is this

  1. Computer hell! Sorry to hear it. Mine is acting strangely too.

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  2. mydangblog says:

    I’ve never heard of Digital Rights Management on a laptop. Have you tried Project Free TV? It works really well if you have an adblocker.

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  3. Carol anne says:

    Lol loved your last line! Unfortunately I have no good advice! xo

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