Where in the World: Armenia

This week I tried to do Western Asia, I managed to name all 19 countries, and placed 7 incorrectly, Kuwait, Armenia, Georgia, Yenman, Oman, Quata and Lebanon.

The way I normally do is see which countries haven’t visited me and then do a post on those, since all 7 have visited me, I am going to go alphabetically, so lets learn something about Armenia

  1. Armenia is a landlocked country, bordered by Turkey to the west, Georgia to the North, Azerbaijan to the East and Iran to the south,
  2. Its home to the oldest winery
  3. In 1915, the Otterman Empire orchastrasted the extermination of 1.5 million Armenians, meaning many Armenians fled the country. There are thought to be 5.6 million people of Aermanian descent living abroad compared to the 3 million living in Armenia
  4. The capital, Yerevan is one of the oldest populated cities and it known as the pink city, as many buildings are constructed from rosy volcanic rock
  5. Chess is compulsary in schools
  6. Armenia has monuments in the shape of Armenian Alphabets, to celebrate its anniversary
  7. 99% od Armanians can read and write
  8. It is one of the few nations that that is made up of only ethnic group, 97% of the population identify as Armanian
  9. If you like apricots this is the place for you and it is considered to be the homeland of the apricot
  10. The Duduk is the national musical symbol for Armenia it is made of apricot wood

Hope you learnt something about this country and if you come from there please say Barev Dzez (I hope I got that right)

If you want to join in, its Eastern Asia next week

If you want to see any others in this series, including learning some facts about other countries, you just need to click here

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6 Responses to Where in the World: Armenia

  1. This one I’ve heard of and interesting about the chess

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  2. Carol anne says:

    interesting facts! Now I know a little more about this country!

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