Smash, Bang

I live in a block of four flats, we all keep ourselves to ourselves really, but recently or maybe I didn’t notice it as much, someone is slamming their door to announce that they are living or they are coming home.

But its multiple times, to get to any of the flats there are 2 doors to go through one to get into the block and your front door, so why does someone feel the need to slam a door 5 times.

I counted it today, because it is driving me nuts, I just want a nice quiet life, not to suddenly jump out of my skin when someone slams their door unexpectatly, but its now happening so often, I don’t jump.

I mutter under my breathe some rude words and move on after the first one and then it happens again, today on the 5th one I opened my front door to yell out cut it out on the 6th, but they had obviously realised they had pushed it to far, and no more slamming happened for a while.

I think next time it happens, I am going to send Gizmo to scream at them for waking him up again, because I am not dealing with his complaining again.

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4 Responses to Smash, Bang

  1. Carol anne says:

    Ooo I would be pissed! How irritating! ❤

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  2. See, you asked for the quiet. Then it seemed so strange to have it. ; )

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