That is an unusual night

During lockdown, it seemed to become a tradition, that when I went for a walk with the dog after midnight, I would either be stopped by the police or the police car would slow down enough to check to see me.

Because I wear dark big baggy clothes and a hat, it is difficult to tell what sex I am, but I also assume that when someone is out doing something bad, they don’t take their dog, but maybe that is me.

Now restictions have been lifted, I see police cars a lot less, I do seem to get asked for directions alot by people though, anyone who knows me, knows they wouldn’t ask me how to get to bedroom from the front door, I am so bad. Not helped by the fact I have reached the grand old age of 39 and still struggle with my left and right.

Anyway that is just to give you some background, to help you understand what happened last night. As we are walking I hear what I think is some type of siren, not a massive problem normally unless you live near a high-security psychiatric hospital, that houses some of the worst criminals in the UK.

But we live far enough from it that the siren is normally faint (they test it on a Tuesday) this sounded closer, so I assumed that it was something else, as I am mooching along with the dog sniffing at everything,I round the corner where I am walking parrell to the park, the park is kept locked at night and is pitch black. Then I hear the helicopter, its half 12 at night, the only helicopters that will generally run at that time of night, is the coastguard, the hospital and the police. Since it circled the park and me, around 5 times I am guessing it was the police searching for something. I assumed they were using some infra red, so could see I was a human or possibly an ape standing up walking a four legged thing.

But, the helicopter with the siren that could come from a high-security psychiatric hospital walking round the edge of a dark park. The fences suddenly didn’t look that high, but also I assumed that if they could see me, they could see if anyone suddenly jumped out at me.

I got to the main road and the helicopter abandoned me and flew off somewhere, I keep walking up and I could hear some more noises, turns out they were doing night road works, this is a problem for my dog, so means I would have to go down an alley way, luckly there is one with bright lights, meaning we only cut 5 minutes off the walk.

As I am debating this, a police car comes up behind me, I had seen it in the reflection of a bus stop with its lights on, but as it came past me it turned its lights off, I assumed the emergency had finished, but now I was on high alert that something was happening. Now either this police car came past me 3 more times, or another 3 police cars came past me.

I disappeared down the alley way and as I did, I heard the police sirens of 2 different police cars suddenly turn on.

I did what any completely innocent person would do, know that unless they got out and ran after me, were going to take ages to drive round. I bolted it back to my flat and hid.

Still can’t find out what happened though last night, but they are not taking me in.

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6 Responses to That is an unusual night

  1. Carol anne says:

    Your not as innocent as you look 😛 but really? Are you mad going out walking at 12:30 at night? On your own?

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  2. Spooky walk. Anything in the papers today about an escapee?

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