Lets check in on the Government

I know, I know its boring. But its good to keep an eye on the UK Government and their promises. For this we will have to go all the back to the EU vote, in 2016, yes that was a while ago, but promises were made by mainly this Prime Minister, although to be fair to him, he was not Prime Minsister at the time, but it gives us something to judge him.

  1. Promises that we would keep freedom of movement – now this was never going to happen, you can’t say you want to leave the EU, but you want to keep all the benefits, it would be a bit like Florida in the US saying it is now independent but they want to keep being able to travel all over the States without a passport. Guess what we lost, yep the ability to go anywhere in the EU and work and live without visas.
  2. Shortages of food – Covid is being blamed for this, but Europe is not suffering as much from food shortages, now you could say well perhaps its because the UK is an island. Lets check in with Ireland, apparently they don’t have shortages either. I will give them credit that it is because of shortages of drivers, thats also the government’s fault as they have made it more and more expensive to get the licenses you need and also alot of our truck drivers were foreign, they need a passport to get to us now and a work visa, why bother when you can deliver around europe and not need a work visa, plus be closer to home
  3. My fave one £350 million to the NHS. I am sensing the price hike in our NI tax is saying, our NHS is not getting that
  4. An individual ready made deal with the States, I believe the last three preseidents have all said back of the queue means back of the sodding queue. No deal. However I am sure the trade deal we now have with Liechtenstein is going to worth it
  5. No price hikes in gas and electric – so far we have had 6 gas and electric companies that have gone bust with up to as many as 60 going before the end of the year, leaving us only with 10 to choose from. Gas prices have risen by 250%, now while this is going to affect everyone, we are no longer protected by any of the EU rules to help govern something like this,
  6. Tax not rising – Now this was not in 2016, this promise was made in 2019, at the general election. They broke this one a couple of weeks ago.

As it stands the poorest people, are now having to find extra money for the NI tax roughly £15 a month, an extra (minimum) £12 a month for the extra gas and electric an extra £13 (minimum) a month for food, which has also shot up. Which as a bare minimum is £40 a month extra, added to this the Government is taking away the £20 a week uplift on UC (universal credits) which might have helped. It was only meant to be while Covid was at crisis level, so I get why the government has taken it away, but surely it doesn’t take a genius to say, shit things are rising at a fast pace and 2.5 million people were using foods banks last year, and now with this extra expenses do we think more people are going to be relying on food banks in the 6th richest country in the world? Ummm yeah that is probably going to happen, lets let the poor have the £20 a week while we can keep our £9000 for postage and stationary a year on top of our £78,000 wage.

Talking of Covid know who is 1st in most daily cases, yep the US, but don’t worry, the UK is catching up. Yep in a country with 5 times less people than the US, we are not going to stop till we are top of that list.

But at least, we are doing well at something.

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2 Responses to Lets check in on the Government

  1. Carol anne says:

    The government needs a swift kick up the backside if you ask me! All of the governments are crap. Ours is too. X

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