Subtle or Passive Agressive?

For those who might not be aware, I have spent the last four weeks spring cleaning my flat, it looks lovely, I walked into my lounge to open the windows and have a quick clean, when I noticed a few things.

  1. My partner had come home from work the last two nights and his shirts were on the floor,
  2. Monkey had had a can of juice and had left the can in the middle of the floor.

This did not go down well, with someone who has spent four weeks of their lives off and on cleaning the flat, however I am also aware that this a rare thing to happen. TBF in the 10 years I have lived with my partner I have never picked up one of his socks (tbf I wouldn’t want to) and although Monkey is still young, he normally tidies his rubbish up.

I don’t remember anything happen last night, unless it was the aliens again. I did what any normal human being would do and left them there, but I made damn sure to mention the can to Monkey on the way home and the shirts to my partner when he got home. No way are either of them thinking the damn faries are going to come and clean up their shit.

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10 Responses to Subtle or Passive Agressive?

  1. LOL your fairies are like my gnome eating underwear and socks that lives in T’s room. 🙂

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  2. Carol anne says:

    Lol! Glad you mentioned it to monkey and your partner! Why do men not clean up after them? 😛

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