What more can be done?

Back in March I wrote a post about a woman called Sarah Everad, who had gone missing and her body had turned up 8 days later, when I wrote that post, more information was still filtering through.

I think the reason why it affected me so much, is she had done everything she had been told to do, was walking in a well lit area, bright clothes, wearing trainers, no headphones on, yet she had still been taken and killed.

The trial of her muderer and rapist started today. I am not going to sully my blog by putting his name here, because he should be left to rot in prison and forgotten about, but what should not be forgotten is the lessons we should learn.

I said above she had done everything right, so how did this happen to her? Her killer was a serving police officer (not like the Met is trying to insist an ex serving officer,) they fired him in July, 4 months after his arrest. He pulled up his car next to her, got out his warrent card, arrested her for breaching covid rules, handcuffed her and placed her into the back of his car, where he went onto drive 60 miles to kent and rape and murder her. What he did to her, I am not going to write down, but safe to say it was horrific.

This could have happened to any woman, doing everything we are told to do and it still not enough. Know who might have had a hint? The Met police who he worked for and who on the 28th Febuary had a complaint against her murderer for exposing himself in a resturant. Or maybe the Kent police who in July 2015 recieved a complaint about a man sitting in his car with nothing on, apparently there was enough evidence to tell who is was. Or anyone of this man’s colleagues who nicknamed him The Rapist.

Yet no one did and at least one woman is dead, who knows if there is anymore and its unlikely this guy is going to talk, this attack was premidated and somehow he managed to wipe his phone completely an hour before his arrest, what are the chances on that?

At the time there was a lot of lip service done, but that didn’t help Sabina Nessa, a teacher, doing a five minute walk through a park, when she murdered on the 17th September, a man has been arrested for that as well. Or the other 80 women killed by men since March.

I get it, its not all police officers, well apart from the 15 women that have been murdered by police officers in 12 years and 700 reports of violence against women by police officers in 3 years and I get its not all men, well apart from the 1425 women killed by men in 10 years, that is 1 every 3 days or the roughly 4.9 million woman who were victims of sexual assualt 99% of those by men. Unless men are forced to wear a label on their forehead thats says I am ok, I catcall women on occassion, I don’t take no for an answer etc, it is damn near impossible for women to tell which ones are the good ones.

Its not up to women to monitor our behaviour because of the way men act, and I am sick of the victim blaming that goes on. It needs to stop and its up to Men to stop it.

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10 Responses to What more can be done?

  1. Whole heartedly agree there is always red flags people ignore and I don’t even care if she’d done the “wrong” things no one deserves to be treated like a nobody and harmed. It’s horrible.

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  2. Carol anne says:

    yes! I am sick of victim blaming too! I am saddened to read about this murder, how absolutely horrific that a police officer murdered her. xx

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  3. We may not be able to change the asshats that are out there now but we can start with T and Monkey. And other women are doing the same. Teaching their sons that no means no. That a body is not a sexual object. It is a body. That despite the different parts we are just people. I have a blog post about when I had to explain to T what rape was. He was horrified when it penetrated his brain what could happen to me. Yes I used me as an example. Also the threat that I am more terrifying then the police which he openly acknowledges tends to keep him in line. I will always love him but I will not protect him from the consequences of any stupid actions. He will run to the police lol
    Have a good day Trina. 🙂

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  4. I’m glad this excuse for a man is now in prison. I heard his colleague has also been arrested as he’d been accused of rape last year and the victim not believed! It’s sad that men like this in the police have been able to progress within it’s ranks at all. Very sad.

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