Lets not panic

But then everyone with a car did and suddenly the garages didn’t have any petrol. Those of us without cars, were smug, but then we realised that without fuel, public transport would have a bit of a problem, emergency services wouldn’t be able to get to us.

Meanwhile our government is on a holiday. Lets hope the sea is not closed this time round. (This is an excuse one of our MPs has used)

But, and I have been promised this by our government, there is no fuel shortage, its nothing to do with Brexit and all is going to be tickity boo.

Same with the empty shelves, that only the UK are going through at the moment, nothing to do with Brexit, all to do with Covid, which is weird considering the rest of the world has gone through Covid and they all seem to have lovely full shelves.

But the Government have promised its nothing to do with Brexit.

I mean I would say that they are sitting on a pile of money watching the UK burn, but that would involve having petrol and matches, neither of which we actually have. The goverment do have a shit ton of money though, that I am sure of, its just not for the public.

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18 Responses to Lets not panic

  1. What has been described as ‘panic buying’ is in most cases completely rational behaviour (= buying as much as you can when you can if you don’t know when you’ll next be able to. But by calling it ‘panic buying’ the government has successfully managed to shift the blame onto the public. Perhaps some of the public are partially to blame – those who voted Leave.

    Yes there is an HGV driver shortage in some EU countries, eg Germany & Poland. But they don’t seem to be suffering a petrol supply crisis. Why not? Because they are still part of the Single Market, which the Tory government Brexited us out of. So they have to be the main culprits.

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    • I think there has been elements of panic buying for some people. However this government has a lot to blame for this, when you so erode the trust the public has for you, that when the government says there is no fuel shortages and everyone just goes, na not going to believe you and as you say then fuels up because they don’t know when they are going to get more, despite the promises, there is a massive issue.

      The thing that is amusing me at the moment, is the fact I live in a place that overwhelming voted for Brexit and then overwhelming voted for the Tory party and we are being the worst hit on this and people are still saying its not because of Brexit, or the best one, its because we are and island. Well then lets all have a look at Ireland who is further away from the mainland than we are. Nop they seem fine and dandy

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  2. mydangblog says:

    But do you have enough toilet paper? Also, it makes electric cars look pretty good right now!

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  3. Simon says:

    They might have money – but what can you spend it on if nothing is here? Of course they say it’s nothing to do with Brexit, those with a brain know otherwise.
    Someone made a good point yesterday though – this might be a ruse to clear the stocks of old fuel to make way for the E10 without any complaints… not saying it’s true but there are some legs to it.

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  4. Carol anne says:

    and it’ll only get worse! The UK government is shite!

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