Things which are not the UK Government’s fault

  1. The NHS
  2. The Care Industry
  3. Food Banks increasing
  4. Fishing industry collapsing
  5. Farm industry collapsing
  6. Difficulty in getting workers
  7. The Petrol “Crisis”
  8. Empty Shelves in Supermarkets
  9. Not going to have enough Turkeys at Christmas
  10. Gas Prices going up
  11. Families being under the poverty line, due to increase in bills
  12. The new tax
  13. The United Kingdom breaking up
  14. Anything in Ireland or Northern Ireland
  15. Fire Services no longer have enough firefighters
  16. It taking up to 8 hours to get an ambulance for emergencies
  17. Money wasted on anything, like HS2, PPE, world beating covid tracing app
  18. Homelessness
  19. Disability benefits taking up to 2 years to be resolved
  20. One of the biggest death rates in the world of Covid

Things which are they are taking credit for

  1. Covid Vaccine Rollout

Things which they didn’t do

  1. Covid Vaccine Rollout

I really need to stop watching the news.

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8 Responses to Things which are not the UK Government’s fault

  1. Carol anne says:

    thats just awful! 🙂 stop watching!

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  2. Simon says:

    I don’t watch the news – it’s self defeating as it doesn’t inform me of anything.

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