When Anxiety peaks

This is what happened to me, on Sunday, when I woke up, I was in a massive state of anxiety, to the point, I couldn’t do anything, getting out of bed seemed like an issue. I hoped it was a blip, but come Monday, I was just as bad.

I managed to get Monkey to school and then went back to bed and stayed in my fort for the day, till I had to go and pick him again.

I felt sick, was having difficulty concentrating and just generally not having a great time. Because it was so bad, rather than fight through it, I rode the wave, I was fairly confident, it was because I had a doctor’s appointment on Tuesday and my routine was going to be out of wack and my OCD brain couldn’t cope with that, my anxiety wasn’t coping with having to move out of my comfort zone, so I had hope that by Tuesday it would be over.

As I type this is Tuesday evening and I am much calmer, it took a while to calm down and I didn’t feel great till after I had picked Monkey up and didn’t have to leave my flat again (well till Wednesday)

I have managed to catch up with my emails, my posts, the cleaning this afternoon, will finish the last little bits tomorrow, but for now, I am going to chill out and enjoy feeling relaxed

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2 Responses to When Anxiety peaks

  1. Anxiety is the worst. Mine has been out of control lately. I’m barely functioning 😦 Hope things look better for you soon.

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