So much washing

I am never sure how it happens, its like I have some sort of goblin who wears all the clothes and then puts them in the wash basket.

I did 3 loads today, my flat is filled with washing now drying on every door, radiator and the clothes horse. I only did the washing on Friday, so how do I have 3 loads.

There are 3 of us, I am sure we don’t change clothes every couple of hours for a bit of a giggle.

Its like the rubbish, I don’t understand how much we go through rubbish, when we barely throw any rubbish away.

Glasses are another thing, how do we go through so many glasses, which one of us gets a new glass everytime they have a drink (monkey I am looking at you)

Things just seem to mulitply and its never the good stuff.

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6 Responses to So much washing

  1. I present you, Trina, with a wash day medal 🎖 for bravery in the face of great personal risk, above and beyond the call of duty.

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