Lets be accountable

I have plans, grand plans, there is the obvious taking over the world,making sure I am ready for the zombie apocolypse etc etc, but I was thinking I really need to do some ground work first, maybe finish all the little annoying jobs I have started but not yet finished, I have 4 for definite, that I want done by the end of the year and 3 I would really like to complete

  1. Charity shop stuff all taken to the charity shop, while its all good its ready to go, its still all sitting in my flat, I want rid
  2. Actually properly finish the lego and more importantly get it out of my lounge
  3. Sort out the photos on the external hardrive I have, I have no idea what is on there
  4. finish C’s cross stitch and make a start on the 50 billion others

They are all small things, but can be fairly time consuming, but I would like to think they are all doable. Right now for my other 3, the problem with these are that they are also dependent on money, so while I have budgeted for them, I seem to not be in control as I would like on my budget due to sometimes being stupid and sometimes a big thing comes up and poof there goes the small but of savings we have managed

  1. Finish painting Monkey’s room
  2. Get the curtain up properly in the lounge and figure out how to make it stay up without a shit ton of tape
  3. Redo my whole CV again.

They might seem really small things, or in the case of the lego the fact I have been doing it so long, but it would be good to clear them out and ready to start the new year.

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7 Responses to Lets be accountable

  1. Carol anne says:

    It would really be good to get some if not all of them done! Wishing you the best with that!

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  2. Hi Trina, looks similar to my list (legos for sale). If you’d like another pair of eyes (or four, I wear glasses) on your CV, let me know. xo R

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