Dear Friend

This is how a lot of emails have been recently addressed to me and it always makes me think, scam.

I am usually right, you must know the ones.

My name is scammy mcscammy and my husband died and I have cancer and he invested $15 million and I am trying to invest in charities in your country.

Please provide me with all your details, your soul and your first born and I will send you the money.

I have recently started taking to replying to them. So far the first two have now told me to go away, actually one of them told me to fuck off and stop wasting their time. Which was rude, I was just asking for half a million as a good will gesture to prove they were not a scammer.

Today I got a new one and I was thrilled that this one is apparently based in the UK, after reading the very long email and chuckling at the address. I have replied to say that I live really near and as they have given me their address, assume they have no problem with me coming to visit with everything they need to do this face to face.

In the UK the way we do address is:

76 makeup street

Make up town

Make up County


This is the address they sent me

No 5 Tewkesbury
Gloucester Bristol United Kingdom close Victoria Pleasure Garden Okay

Tewkesbury is a town in Gloucester, Bristol is a city and its own county. Gloucester and Bristol are next to each, but it has to be a massive house, to cover over 50 miles.

I look forward to the email back.

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14 Responses to Dear Friend

  1. Carol anne says:

    Lol! Hahaha! I wonder if they’ll email you back? Keep us posted!

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  2. Kosmic karma coming back at them… ; )

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  3. Ami says:

    I’ve had quite a few of these recently but deleted them. Why they being so rude when they ask a TOTAL STRANGER on the internet for their bank details? Silly people.

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  4. Simon says:

    Do they own most of the west? 😀
    I like that you’ve get them riled up…. enough for them to say go away lol

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