Trina Inquires 20/10/21

You have a friend coming to visit from another country who has never been to yours, what is the place you take them to?

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30 Responses to Trina Inquires 20/10/21

  1. The place? Just one? I’d say our favorite outdoor cafe, then a walk at Olbrich Gardens.

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  2. We have so many things to see here, it is hard to start at just one, but I would have to say up through Rocky Mountain National Park.

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  3. Yorkshire sculpture park or garden bridge

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  4. Sheree says:

    Villages perchรฉes

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  5. Where I live I wouldn’t recommend a visit here even though a vacation spot. I would go to a larger city with museums and art galleries.

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  6. suze hartline says:

    if i had money, i’d take them to washington dc and check out the smithsonian museum and the natural history museum.

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    • I want to go and see the smithsonian and also the New York Natural History Museum (cause of night at the museum)

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    • KShai1715 says:

      Ah! Gotta get to the Smithsonian. I went with my dad when I was young, and I pretty much hated museums/history at that time, lol. I do remember the airplanes hanging from the ceiling in one of the buildings but that’s about it.

      My husband and I really need to get there. Maybe my dad can meet us there too.

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      • suze hartline says:

        yes, the airplanes are in the history museum. My grand dad worked at the castle (the red building of the Smithsonian) so I grew up around all of the museums. Spent a great deal of my childhood and teen years in all of them.

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  7. KShai1715 says:

    There’s so many places in my own country I haven’t been to myself, lol! Hard to recommend a place for someone out of the country to see, lol!!

    I would suggest to anyone to visit Manhattan. So there’s that, I guess! Everything about Manhattan is wonderful, including the touristy things like going to the top of the Empire State Building, and the important things like seeing the 9/11 Memorial which is stunning. Museums galore, all the food you can imagine… and of course, lights everywhere. And if you go after Thanksgiving, then you can see the tree at Rockefeller Center.

    If they were coming to my specific state, it would depend on interests. If they like nature/outdoors, I would recommend visiting basically anywhere in the Northern parts of WI (pushing close to Canada). If they like museums, there are several good ones in downtown Milwaukee for art and history, but being only an hour from Chicago, we would for sure go to the Field Museum or the Shedd Aquarium. Or the Museum of Science and Industry.

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  8. Carol anne says:

    blarney castle! To kiss the blarney stone! โค

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