Where in the World: Quebec

I got 100% in Canada, so I got to choose the providence or terroritory I wanted to do and how could I not do Quebec, where my close friend Cyranny lives. Lets check out some facts

  1. Quebec shares a land boarder with Ontario to the west, Newfoundland and Labrador to the northeast, New Brunswick to the southeast and a costal boarder with Nunavut. To the south it boarders Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and New York, lots of places.
  2. In 1977 French became the only official language in the province
  3. In Quebce you can see the big five, not like the Safari big 5, but there own ones which are grey wolf, blue whale, snowy owl, black bear and the moose
  4. The most famous dish is Poutine, which is fries, white chewy cheese and lots of sauce
  5. Despite its very proud French roots, it is home to the oldest English language newspaper, the Quebec Chronicle Telegraph was founded in 1764
  6. In 1976 Monteral held the Olympics and the Mayor at the time said “the Olympics can no more have a deficit than a man can have a baby” yeah, it took over 30 years to pay for it
  7. (I am really excited about this one because I have seen it) Montreal’s Olympic Stadium is the world’s largest inclined tower, it cost over $1.6 billion
  8. Chateau Frontenac is a hotel in Quebec City and considered the most photographed hotel in the world (its also really expensive)
  9. 2% of the world’s forests are in Quebec
  10. The traditional music from Quebec is the fiddle, hope you enjoy it

There you go some interesting facts about Quebec, If you are from there please say Bonjour

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4 Responses to Where in the World: Quebec

  1. Carol anne says:

    Poutine sounds nice! I’d love to try it! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Darlene says:

    Quebec is a beautiful province. Everyone should visit it at least once.

    Liked by 1 person

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