This looking after your child is hard work

I do not understand why the government and schools, seem to think I should look after my own child.

Its been a tough day, Monkey has been good, but he doesn’t understand the routine and it makes me irriritable and anxious if I can’t do it how I want to.

Unfortunatly its also good for me, not to be in my routine and the one thing Moneky does, is make sure that is not happening and I have to bit my lip beause I know its not his fault, but I don’t want to play games, listen to conversation about minecraft and go out to the park.

Which is what we have been doing, so I am pretty proud of myself that we have and can only hope that by the end of the week, it will be easier, last Friday it took me nearly an hour and a half to leave the house at the wrong time and it was lunchtime.

I am nearly all caught up on emails and posts, as my pip on Wednesday, took its toll on me, by the weekend, I am hoping to have one weekend, where I am not ill or in bed with anxiety or depression.

Maybe this weekend.

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6 Responses to This looking after your child is hard work

  1. Looks like this post is fine. Are you too hard on yourself? xo

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