Where in the World: USA Part 3

Last time I got 49 out of 50. Not forgetting that one again, so lets which ones I do forget this time round

  1. Arkonsas 2. Alaska, 3. California 4.Connenicut 5. Delaware 6. Colordo 7. Georgia 8. Indianna 9. Idaho 10. Illino 11. Hawaii 12. Lousinia 13. Mississippi 14. Montana 15. New York 16. Viginia 17. New Jersey 18. New Hampshire 19. Maine 20. Ohio 21.Oregan 22. Pensylvania 23. Rhode Island 24. North Carolina 25. North Daketo 26. South Carolina 27. South Daketo 28. Texas 29. Tenessa. 30.Utah 31. Vermont 32. Washington 33. Westconsont 34. West Virginia

So 34 roughly in alphebetical order, that was just for a giggle, also makes it easier to see what I might have missed, I know there are a few m’s that I have missed out, let me think

35. Maryland 36. Michagan 37. Missouria 38. Massachuetes (not forgetting this one again) 39. Kentucky 40. New Mexico 41. Nevarda 42. Alabama 43. Kansas 44. Florida 45. Nebraska 46.Wyoming 47. Arizona 48. Iowa 49. Minisotta 50.Oaklahamo

I spent a while on Oaklahoma, because I was sure there was a State starting with B and staring at my list, alphabetical order did make it easier though.

Lets see if I can place them, 15 the first time 26 the second time. Just need 27 to beat it, I am already doing better because I can name all 50 States

  1. Washington 11. New Mexico 21.Minnesota 31. Alabama 41. New Hampshire
  2. Oregan 12. Texas 22.Lousinia 32. Georgia 42.Maine
  3. California 13. Oklahamo 23. Wisconsitant 33. Florida 43 Massachuette
  4. Arizonia 14. Kansas 24 Michagan 34. South Carolina 44 Rhode Island
  5. Nevarda 15. Maryland 25. Illionis 35. North Caroline 45. Connecuit
  6. Utah 16. South Dakato 26 Indianna 36. Virginia 46. Missouri
  7. Idaho 17. North Dakato 27 Ohio 37. West Virginia 47 Iowa
  8. Montana 18.Deleware 28,Kentucky 38.New Jersey 48. Pennnsylvinia
  9. Wyoming 19.Nebraska 29 Tennessee 39 New York 49. Alaska
  10. Colorado 20. Arkansas 30. Mississippi 40. Vermont 50. Hawaii

Lets see how I did.

Maryland, Deleware, Nebraska, Arksans, Minnesota, New Jersey, Missouri,Iowa, Pennsylvania are all in the wrong place, well according to the USA, I think they look nice in their new homes. But 41 out of 50 is not bad, alot of that has been helped by doing the posts on each state and remembering what surrounded them, including the one I did on Quebec, which helped me with the top, its really just the East coast I seem to be struggling with, I shall make an effort to try and study that a bit closer.

South America next week

I did alright on this one last time, so I am hoping for 100%, remember on this map 14 is the Faulkland Islands, so if you do want to play along, there are 13.

If you want to check out any of the other posts, you can click here

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10 Responses to Where in the World: USA Part 3

  1. Yay, you got Wisconsin and Texas! Pretty good but, oh, no, not Minnesota! It looks like a sideways m. A memory trick for next time. On to South America, hurrah. According to Argentina it’s the Islas Malvinas, not Falklands! 🙂

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