Well this is frustrating

It was roughly 35 weeks ago, I had the assessment for my PIP. Today I have money hit my account from them. I have no idea what it is for, I don’t think its the back payment, because if so I have either been awarded a really really really low rate or they have started the PIP from the start of October, neither of which makes sense.

Of course I find this all out at 1am in the morning, with no way of being able to sort it, I just wish this damn letter would hurry up, so I can figure out stuff.

But now, probably I am not going to go to sleep, without panicking for a while.

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12 Responses to Well this is frustrating

  1. Cyranny says:

    Sending good vibes your way so you can get some information really really quick! *Big hugs*

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    • Thanks Cyranny, I phoned this morning, apparently their system has not been updated, so to ring back tomorrow or Friday.

      So basically someone somewhere has sent me money but not put on the system why they have sent me that money. It makes no sense


  2. Simon says:

    Have you got the letter yet?

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  3. So maddening how they make it so stressful. They should give you hazard pay.

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