No, no, no, I am busy

Last night I got a text from Monkey’s best friend’s mum, asking if Monkey wanted to come over today.

My problem is I am mentally exhausted, we are trying to get out once a day into town to take charity stuff to the shops, so my head is dealing with that. I am still recovering from the tribunal on Wednesday. On Monday I had to phone the doctors, to rearrange an appointment, on Tuesday I had lunch out, which was lovely but again mentally exhausting, Wednesday, I had to phone the DWP and I hate using the phone, but really panic when I am doing it on any day that is not Friday, due to that phonecall, I knew I was going to have to ring again today.

While I moan about Monkey, I do miss him and I know, for some reason, my anxiety goes up when he is not around and not with at school. Not sure why, probably because I still use him as a crutch.

When I got this text, I thought, oh God, I don’t want to do this, it involves walking to his friend’s house, making converstion with the mum for a few minutes, while I drop him off and pick him up, I just want to get this phonecall out the way and then hide away for the rest of the day.

So whats happening is at 12.30, I am walking to the friend’s house so that Monkey can go play. Apparently according to Monkey when I told him “I love you mummy, but I am going to have more fun at X’s house”

Good to know he is going to miss me.

I scheduled this at the wrong time, as it stands, apparently he is having loads of fun at his friend’s house, so I did do it, and now chilling out watching random shit on TV.

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4 Responses to No, no, no, I am busy

  1. Parental anxiety (our own) is so hard to deal with, hope it was a good short break for you.

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