Trina Inquires 28/10/21

If you were to get married (or redo your wedding) Would you do a big wedding or would it be a smaller affair?

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24 Responses to Trina Inquires 28/10/21

  1. Well, I’ve never been married, however, considering it 🤭🤫 and I will enjoy an intimate experience over an outlandish ceremony. My sister on the other hand will Kardashian it up😳

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  2. Definitely smaller. MUCH smaller.

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  3. Ami says:

    Definitely smaller!

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  4. Carol anne says:

    If I got married I’d have a massive wedding! Thats a big if, though! xo

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  5. Sheree says:

    Mine was medium sized 80 guests and I’d have problems with a similar sized wedding today as most of my wedding guests are now dead. So it would still be lavish but smaller and mote intimate

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  6. Small weddings are wonderful. We married in a Tx state park with 50 people; family and friends.

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