Do you know what is worse?

Having won my PIP appeal, I am now in that awkward position of having no money, but knowing I have money coming and I hate that, I prefer having no money, so no expectations.

I want to take Monkey out and spend a bit of money on him, mainly on trainers and trousers, I was hoping it might hit today, so we could do something like maybe have a bit of lunch as well.

But nop, I know I just have to be patient, but they do keep moving the goal posts on when the money is going to go into my account. Its now Tuesday at the very latest, although I will say this is better than it was last time, last time I had to wait 28 days before they would even confirm I was getting anything.

The other thing I have noticed is how expensive everything is getting, I knew things like food prices were rising, but I was trying to find something for us to do at the weekend, I thought maybe bowling, I am not a massive fan, but its something a bit different.

Turns out 2 games of bowling for 2 adults and a child is £50, I am sure it use to be £10 a game. But it got me looking round my local area for things to do with a 9 year old. There isn’t acually that much to do, bowling and swimming, seems to be it for paid activities, parks and the library for unpaid

I am not sure what I was expecting, but I am conscience of being surprised there isn’t more, Monkey is still off on Monday and because its an inset day (teacher training day) , there might be less people around, so it wont be as crowded, but not helpful if there is not much to do and its expensive for what it is.

I shall keep looking and refreshing my bank account, in the hope something will hit.

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4 Responses to Do you know what is worse?

  1. Carol anne says:

    Sorry there isn’t much to do but 50 pounds? For 2 games of bolling? Jesus! Thats bloody expensive!

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  2. suze hartline says:

    50 pounds for bowling two games? dang, you aren’t kidding! THAT is super expensive. I know the owner of the local bowling alley here, and he only charges 3.00 (three dollars) per game…and people think it costs too much! And grats on the PIP going well!!!!!

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