Where in the World: South America Part 3

Do you ever have that feeling, that every bit of knowledge in your head suddenly disappears.

Thats what happened, when I sat down and started this post. Not only couldn’t I remember any countries in South America, I could only remember about 4 countries altogether. This was a slight problem, however I worked through it, by watching the new episode of Doctor Who (awesome by the way) and taking a break, I managed to come up with a few, but I really did struggle with this

  1. Brazil, 2.Peru 3. Chili 4.Uraguay 5. Argentinia 6. Belize 7. Suriname 8. Equador 9. Paraguay 10. French Guina 11.Guyania 12. Venzuela 13. Colombia

Pretty pleased with myself on that one, although did take me longer than usual, now to try and place them.

  1. Brazil 2. French Gunia 3. Suriname 4. Guyana 5. Venzuela 6. Columbia 7. Ecuador 8. Peru 9. Chili 10. Argentinia 11. Urguaguy 12. Paraguay 13.Belieze

And that is 100%. I must admit though I changed French Guinia and Guyana round a few times I knew Suriname was in the middle but I couldn’t remember which way round they went, so a bit of luck on my side there.

Next Week Central America

If you want to join in go right ahead, if you want to see my progression, then you can click here

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21 Responses to Where in the World: South America Part 3

  1. I won the school geography award in the 9th grade 58 years ago. Now I get lost a few blocks from home and in a 2 story house.

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  2. Carol anne says:

    Great job Trina! I couldn’t have named them! X

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  3. Great map! Well done! I wouldn’t have placed Surinam correctly. Slight switch with Belize and Bolivia… ๐Ÿ™‚

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  4. I think it’s great you are challenging yourself this way.

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  5. Good challenge. I forgot the small nations. So lesson learned.

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