Good then bad

It was a bit of a weird one yesterday, my PIP back payment hit yesterday, which was lovely, with it, I managed to pay off a couple of debts we had gotten into, it will pay for Christmas and a day out for Monkey.

It hit around 1am, by 3am I had spent it, all on stuff we needed, plus put a tiny bit away for a rainy day. We have a strict budget, we are still going to follow, which doesn’t include PIP but we are still getting use to it, so it is nice to have a bit of a safety net, while we adjust.

Then Monkey came in to me, his charger had broke, leaving the silver thing inside the charging port and we couldn’t get it out. I managed to take it to computer shop, who said it would cost £60 to fix, the laptop isn’t worth that, so we are not sure really what to do.

Then, there seems to be a problem with my mobile phone account. Not sure what, but it basically means I can’t get Monkey a phone, so that took ages to sort out. Around 12pm, my internet stopped working. I got a message come up saying, we have restricted your account because you haven’t paid the bill.

I was like yes I have, so then I have the problem that I really don’t want to call anyone but I have no internet, with a ton of stuff to do. So I made the call. First conversation went like this

Me; You have restricted my account why?

Internet people: Are you the account holder?

Me; No, but I should be named.

Internet: I am sorry there is only one name on the account.

Me; No, because we did this with you, a couple of months ago, all the security questions are mine, so I would remember them

Internte: I am sorry I need to talk to the account holder.

Me: Fine, thank you <hangs up>

5 minutes later

Me: <in a really fake manly accent> Yes I am the account holder

Internet people: Its because you haven’t paid your bill

Me; Yes we have, I am looking at it now, on my bank account having come out

Internet; No, we haven’t recieved it
Me; Well I haven’t got it, I can send you the screen shot to prove its been paid, just like it has been in all the other months.

Internet: Oh yes, I have found it now, the bar will be lifted in 24 hours
Me; No it bloody won’t, you made a mistake, lift it now

5 minutes later, I am back on the internet.

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5 Responses to Good then bad

  1. I love the fake manly accent! The same stupid thing has happened to me because we have different last names. Glad you got it sorted (she said with a deep voice…)

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  2. Carol anne says:

    thats really fucking crazy! I’m sorry they were acting like gobshites!
    at least you got your internet back!

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