Ok, I maybe a wee bit behind…

But its not my fault, its Monkey’s he left me in charge if his pokemon account, and we have rigged it to go anywhere, I spent some time in New York, went to Paris, Greece, New Zeland, Japan, very south of Florida, back to New York, Quebec and then spent some time in a zoo in Saskatoon in Saskatchewan.

What was this trip in aid of, to get the regional pokemon that I need. I have managed to get them all and now having to trade with the main account, we had to do it this way, because it may, very slightly be against the rules.

But this is the future, I managed to go everywhere without leaving my flat, I learnt little bits about the countries I was in, mainly because I didn’t know where I was to start off with, so I had to do a lot of googling.

But because of doing all this, everything got a bit behind, so all my finished posts and half finished posts, didn;t get scheduled, they have just sat there. I have managed to get a few out, but there are more to come.

Plus side my views should rocket.

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2 Responses to Ok, I maybe a wee bit behind…

  1. Carol anne says:

    Lol yeah! The views are going to skyrocket! woot woot about the pocaman!

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