Just one more time

I had a very chilled out weekend, both myself and Monkey spent some proper time together on Saturday, then on Sunday my partner took both boys out to the cinema and I didn’t see them for ages, so I just spent some time wondering round the flat, having a bit of a clean, wasting some time.

Yesterday was not fun, I love being a woman, there are obvious downsides, but it can be a lot of fun, what I hate is smears (pap) test, I dont like doing it, the only thing that makes it tolerable, is the fact men have to go for prostate exam and I can imagine that is about as much fun. Obviously if you have been invited to one, go do it, its not fun, but then its out the way for another 2 or 3 years and could save your life.

But it did involve a lot of walking, its roughly 2 miles to my doctors, so I can walk it, Tuesday, I have an appointment at the hospital for my lump on my arm, which is not going to be fun either, the positive side of this one, is more pokestops. There better be pokestops anyway, otherwise its going to be less fun than I thought. My anxiety because of all of this going out of my comfort zone is sky high, and I was so exhausted after the doctors, then having to go out and get Monkey, that I slept most of the evening away.

I wish I could figure a way round this, but I am so mentally tired, I just can’t do it anymore, I might see if my doctor can reccommend any techniques.

But the plus side to all of this, is while I was at the doctors, they did a quick health check on me, which meant I go weighed for the first time in 3 years, I may get myself some scales at some point, but I am still a healthy weight, it just seems to be all on my stomach, which is something I am working on,.

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4 Responses to Just one more time

  1. Good for you for getting those pesky maintenance exams out of the way! Great walk too. I see in a later post that getting the lump on your arm checked has been postponed. Hope you can get that one out of the way soon too! Which part of your arm is it?

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  2. Carol anne says:

    good job on the weight!
    Sorry your anxiety was sky high! Can relate to the high anxiety!

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