I am running out of things to say

Normally, when I am stuck on what to write, I head over to see what I have put on facebook, or maybe twitter, go onto a couple of forums to see if I missed anything exciting or funny.

What I got was I havent really posted in over a week on social media (other than here) and there is nothing going on, other than my government being corrupt. Lets not call it sleaze, because I don’t think it makes it sound serious enough. They are being corrupt and illegal and don’t give a shit.

The reason I dont write about this, is mainly because its nothing new. The UK is living in groundhog day. Aaaahhh a politician has done something illegal, fire him. Johnson says its not that bad, lets just draw a line under it, loads of shit is said on twitter and then repeat. In 3 years time, we will vote them back in. Cause that is what we do.

Its good to know with nothing to say I still managed to say something, maybe I am not losing it

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15 Responses to I am running out of things to say

  1. Simon says:

    You’re not losing it…

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  2. Carol anne says:

    yay she’s not gone silent! 💖😘

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