Where in the World: Cabo Verde

This time round I didn;t get these countries Cabo Verde, Mauritania, Sierra Leone, Libera , Eritrea, Dijbouti, Somalia.

Cabo Verde, hasn’t visited my blog, lets see if we can find out why

  1. Cabo Verde is an island country consiting of 10 islands, 9 of which are inhabited
  2. It is has the highest standard of living in Western Africa
  3. There are more Cape Verdeans living abroad than at home
  4. Corn is the main staple and the national dish cachupa, which is a stew of hominy, beans and then whatever veg and meat is available
  5. The islands have a number of endagered species of animals living on it
  6. The highest peak is Pico do Fogo, which is an active volcano
  7. The islands were an active part of the slave trade.
  8. There are no railways on any of these islands
  9. Only about 10% of the land is suitable for agriculture, meaning most of the food is imported
  10. The music here is known as morna, enjoy

I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about this country, if you come from there, please say Olá

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1 Response to Where in the World: Cabo Verde

  1. Carol anne says:

    I never even heard of this country before I had read this post! cool!


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