Its catch up time

Or at least it felt like it, my family had its Christmas party at the weekend, we havent been together for a long while, so it was good to see everyone, Monkey was spoilt by everyone, although it was exhausting for me.

My partner has come down with another cold, between the two of us, we seem to be sniffling for most of the last 2 months, Monkey seems fine, my partner has done lateral flow tests and it keeps coming back as negative, but the viruses and bugs doing the rounds seem to be hitting him hard, I have told him its because he is old.

The rest of this week, has been spent catching up with things, I couldn’t get at the weekend.

Oh, my laptop charger, because that was fun, the cable went on Thursday night, I believe fairly late. I realised it was broken, when it started making crackling sounds and sparking. Although I will say it hadn’t been working very well recently, I thought I had about another week to go.

My partner went and bought one that said it would work, turns out it didnt so next day he went to the shop to exchange and got the otherwise that we were told would work, you can guess that didn’t work either, so I had to bite the bullet and order from Amazon, which I have been trying to avoid, that arrived on Sunday evening. But it did put most of my weekend out.

Hopefully this charger will last.

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6 Responses to Its catch up time

  1. Thanks for the catch up. Glad you were able to find the cable that works. How many relatives got together for your holiday gathering? Which tasty foods did you eat?

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  2. Carol anne says:

    I know the feeling of a broken laptop charger! I’ve gone through 2 chargers in the past year this is my 3rd!

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