We did not have a Party

To be fair to Johnson, when he uttered those words a few days ago, he wasn’t lying, when London went into lockdown last year, it appears number 10 threw a fair few parties, none of which I was invited to.

It is not going well for Johnson and if you are in the UK, I would make sure you have a Plan B for Christmas, incase he does decide to lockdown, but fear not as a parent of a newborn baby, I am sure there will be bubbles allowed, and all of his family and friends will count as their big bubble.

But there is the party (or parties) which someone sat on for a year, someone had video footage of that and didn’t let it out till they could create the most possible damage. No idea who that might be, especially not someone who would drive to test their eyesight.

Added to that, the tiny little lie of who paid to decorate downing street, the whole second job thing, brexit, I would feel sorry for him, but personally I think he deserves more shit thrown at him

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4 Responses to We did not have a Party

  1. I’m with you on that one!

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  2. Carol anne says:

    I agree! The sooner he gets thrown out the fucking better, pompous ass!

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