Where in the World: Southern Africa Part 3

When I sat down to do this, I couldn’t remember a single country not even the most obvious, there are 24 countries, so surely I could remember one.

South Africa

I won’t tell you the embarressing long time it took me to get that one, so I took a break from it for a few hours, I am not sure its going to get much better

  1. South Africa 2. Kingdom of Lethos, 3. Botswana 4. Zimbabwe 5. Nambia 6. Burundi 7. Rwanada 8.Uganda 9. Tanzania 10. Demecoratic Republic of Congo 11. Comoros (sp) 12. Madagasca 13. Mozembique 14. Seychelles 15. Mauritias 16. Kenya 17. Zambia

There is a country that is right next to South Africa, (number 20 on my map) that is going to annoy me, I think its something like Esthopia, but I cant remember it, I just remember the last time doing Southern Africa, me thinking I should remember that country, so I am not going to include it, as I am not confident, I have it right other than it starts with an E

So which countries did I miss?

  1. Sao, Tome and Princeipe
  2. Eq Guinea
  3. Gabon
  4. Rep of Congo
  5. Angola
  6. Malawi
  7. Eswatini (this is the one I was thinking of)

These are more or less the same ones I keep forgetting, I need to try and remember that there is a Dem Rep of Congo and a Rep of Congo

  1. NA 13. NA
  2. NA 14. Mozembique
  3. NA 15.Nambia
  4. NA 16.Botswana
  5. Democratic Republic of Congo 17 Zimbabawi
  6. Rwanda 18. South Africa
  7. Brundia 19. Kingdom of Lethos
  8. Uganda 20 NA
  9. Kenya 21. Madagascar
  10. Tanzania 22.Comoros
  11. NA 23. Seychells
  12. Zambia 24.Mauritias

Considering how this post started, I am fairly happy with this. 17 named, 17 placed right, I am just hoping the others will sink in

I am in Western Asia, next week

If you want to see how I am improved on my geography, you can click here

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13 Responses to Where in the World: Southern Africa Part 3

  1. Marlapaige says:

    What stinks is that I’ve actually stepped on the soil of 7 of them. Can’t tell them apart! The other map had the Middle East though, I saw the Sinai Peninsula. Been all around Asia as well. I know where I’ve been, still couldn’t find it on a map. But geography was never even close to a strong suit of mine. I think I can recognize maybe 5 us states on an unmarked map, and I’m not even sure the state I’ve lived my entire life in would be one of them!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Carol anne says:

    for someone who said she wasnt gonna do well, you did amazing! Well done! I havent a fucking clue! I could not name any african countrys!

    Liked by 1 person

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