This was always going to be a problem

I couldn’t think what to write about, its not as much fun to take the mick out of the government, when it is so easy to do.

Its almost like they have gone, maybe if we do things that are so ridiculas people will stop taking the mick.

I looked at the news, that did not help, it was very depressing, either all about covid or death, sometimes they mixed them both. Or the fact that the government had a shit ton of parties while the rest of us cancelled christmas plans and stayed indoors.

No inspiration there. The animals are still not talking to me after the bath incident, so they are no fun. Monkey is getting tired at the end of this term, so all he is doing is stropping at me, which for the record is also no fun

basically its not alot of fun at the moment. Here is hoping Christmas gets better,

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8 Responses to This was always going to be a problem

  1. Marlapaige says:

    Take a prompt and run with it. Why not, nothing on the tv and everyone is cranky. Write a nice story about what it would be like if two people, I dunno, for the sake of argument, women, took over the world

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  2. Carol anne says:

    awww! Hopefully christmas will be awesome! xo


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