Fun Weekend, well sort of

It was a massive weekend in the pokemon go universe, but Monkey was going to the panto on Saturday, which meant I was left dealing with both accounts on Saturday and god was that stressful.

On Sunday, he was meant to help me with his account, but he was far too busy doing other things but he wanted me to do it all, so his account didn’t miss out.

I managed it, but by the end, I really didn’t want to see another pokemon again.

This week is just preparing for the Christmas now, on Sunday we did the last of the food shop, so I now have everything I need, then slowly gearing up for Christmas, Monday and Tuesday are chill days. Wednesday, its wrapping the presents for each other. Thursday, we are off out to get our mains for both the starter and main course and Friday is all the prep, plus Santa has asked for our help in wrapping Monkey’s presents, which I shall be doing with some form of booze. well the wine will be going into me, not onto the presents, the only problem with doing it this way, is if we run out of paper, then we are screwed, so its a slow but steady burn getting ready and trying to keep Monkey from not being so excited and jumping off walls.

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2 Responses to Fun Weekend, well sort of

  1. Carol anne says:

    sounds like you’ll have a good christmas!
    I’m so happy to hear it!
    Merry christmas! 😀

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