Where in the World: Western Asia Part 3

I don’t think it was a good thing, that when I sat down my first thought was is this the side with the steins? So I had to have a look at the map, which took out all of my first 8 countries, but at least I remembered I was in the wrong place. Does mean I really struggled to get started with this one

  1. Cyprus 2. Bahrain 3. Saudia Arabia 4. Armenia 5. Turkey 6. Georgia 7. Azabajarn 8. Iran 9. UAE 10. Jordan 11. Kuwait 12. Iraq 13. Syrai 14. Isreal 15.Lebanon 16. Palastine 17. Yenman 18. Oman 19. Qatar

Once I started, it did all come flooding back to me, so lets see if the same happens when I try and place them

  1. Cyprus 11. Iraq
  2. Lebanon 12. Saudia Arbia
  3. Palastine 13. Kuwait
  4. Isreal 14/ Bahrain
  5. Georgia 15 Qatar
  6. Turkey 16.UAE
  7. Arminia 17 Oman
  8. Azabajarn 18 Yenman
  9. Syria 19. Iran
  10. Jordan

That has really shocked me, especially because I started off putting Turkey where Iran is before I smacked myself. but its a 100% Doing Armenia lasttime really paid off in remembering where Georgia and Azerbaijan are. Now just to decide which country to learn about next

If you want to see how I have improved you can click here

I am doing Eastern Asia next week, if you want to have a go feel free, just remember no googling

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2 Responses to Where in the World: Western Asia Part 3

  1. Carol anne says:

    Go you! You got a lot of them right! 😀

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