Strop, strop, strop

Monkey is in teenage mode, about 4 years too early. Everything is like a massive mission, I asked him to put his clothes away and you would have thought I asked him to call the population of our town.

Its really tough at the moment, because he also has a cold, which has meant me testing him just to be sure, although it wont really affects us that badly is we do have to isolate, as the only thing we need to do outside is get the meat from the butcher, but I am fairly sure if I cry down the phone, they will deliver it to me, because they are lovely.

But being ill, which is rare, does make him moody and the build up to Christmas and it not coming fast enough, as well. While I have tried to spread out the fun stuff, it is boring just waiting and apparently cleaning his room is not fun.

I pointed out that cleaning isn’t fun and yet I find myself doing it everyday.

That went down like a lead ballon as well.

Only a few more days to go

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16 Responses to Strop, strop, strop

  1. Poor monkey. Being sick is the worst and to add cleaning to it…mean momma!! Lol. I sympathize with both of you as I know both sides all too well. Clean out to restock, right? Sending well wishes to monkey and sanity to you ☺️😉

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  2. Marlapaige says:

    Poor Monkey. I hate being sick. Cleaning doesn’t go well with wanting to lay in bed and moan you don’t feel well.
    But cleaning his room is important too.

    I wish you both the best! Good luck trying to keep snotty Monkey from driving you insane

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  3. Carol anne says:

    Ooo! Hate those strops! Hopefully monkeys fully better now!

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