Stage 2 Complete

The second trickest stage is now done, considering there are only 3 stages, you can see how this is going. I managed to get to both the butchers and the fishmonger, an hour queue to get our meat and then a 2 minutes queue to get the prawns at the fish mongers.

But myself along with stroppy mcstropster ( you know him by his previous name of Monkey) managed it, with only the minimum of 300 strops in the queue, of this is going to take years, I am bored, why are we not moving.

Maybe this was actually the most difficult, in comparison all the prep tomorrow seems like a piece of cakes.

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1 Response to Stage 2 Complete

  1. Carol anne says:

    Lol kids…always in a bit of a strop, no patience! Lol!

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