Trina Inquires 27/12/21

How was your weekend? How are you? Doing ok?

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5 Responses to Trina Inquires 27/12/21

  1. suze hartline says:

    still breathing, so I suppose all is well. It’s gotten colder here so my lovely arthritis has once again shown up. Aspirin and warmth shall take care of that. George and I spent the weekend with good friends…had a pizza dinner for the dreaded holiday, then played a world domination game all night. (RISK, in case you wondered) It was fabulous!

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  2. KShai1715 says:

    My weekend/Christmas was wonderful. I used to dread Christmases (and birthdays…)
    I love that I can enjoy my Christmases now. My husband really nailed it with gifts that truly amazed me lol!

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  3. Carol anne says:

    My weekend was great, I loved that christmas fell on the weekend! It made celebrating all the more fun! Xx

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