Where in the World: Eastern Asia Part 3

Would just like to start this by saying, I seperated Asia by putting a line down the middle, I know Asia, is seperated into many different parts, it is purely from a geographical point that I am doing this from.

With that said lets get going, 31 countries and I have a good feeling about this, although I haven’t changed the map, if I remember correctly 14 is India, I will change the map at some point to reflect this

  1. Russia 2. China 3. India 4. Japan 5. Singapore 6. Philippines 7. Timbor-leste 8. Turkmanistan, 9. Pakastan 10. Afganastan 11. South Korea 12. North Korea 13. Indonsia 14. Bhutan 15. Bangladash 16.Nepal 17. Vietnam 18. Kazactstan 19. Kerzicstan (really bad spelling I think) 20. Mongolia 21.Tiwain 22. Sir Lanka 23. Thailand 24. Uzbeckenstan 25. Maldieves 26. Tajikstein

I think I am done, 5 off that is going to hurt, and I bet its the same damn ones I forgot last time

Myrarmar, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Brunei,

Yep the same ones I forgot last time, I am sensing a theme now. My number 19 is Kyrgzstein I am accepted this because I am sure I said it right in my head

  1. Russia 11.Nepal 21. Thailand 31. South Korea
  2. Kazactstien 12.Bhutan 22. 32. Japan
  3. Uzbeckenstan 13. India 23.
  4. Turkmanistan 14. India 24.Singapore
  5. Tajikstein 15. Bangladesh 25. Indonisia
  6. Kerzicstan 16. 26.
  7. Afghanastien 17.The Maldieves 27.Timor-Leste
  8. Pakastien 18. Sri Lanka 28 Philopeans
  9. Mongolia 19. 29. Tawain
  10. China 20. Vietnam 30.North Korea

I feel pretty confident about all of them apart from my stans, I got Kyrgystan and Tajikistan mixed up, otherwise I got them all right. Need to learn where those are a bit more and I will do a post on one of the countries I forgot, so at least I will know one more the next time round.

Next week we are in Oceania

If you have enjoyed this feel free to join in or if you want to have a look at the other posts in this series, you can click here

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7 Responses to Where in the World: Eastern Asia Part 3

  1. Carol anne says:

    I’d be shitty at this so well done! You named most of them! Good job!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Middager says:

    Great job! Welcome to Taiwan. 🇹🇼

    Liked by 1 person

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