Christmas Eve Prep

Christmas Eve is really busy for me, I do as much prep as I can, ready for Christmas Day. First thing is first, prep Christmas Eve Dinner, that way, it can be shoved into the oven and I don’t have to do anything, after the day I probably would have had. This year Monkey helped me with everything

This year it was cottage pie

Then we move into the starter, for Christmas Day, we had Prawn Coctail, fairly easy to do, but might as well prep the sauce

We always have duck on Christmas day, one because I really like it and I am cooking and two I don’t like turkey

But it does have to marinade, this is with orange, cinemon, and rosemary

Monkey loves cauliflower cheese, so I make sure to include it on Christmas day for him, this year I tried it with breadcombs on top

Homemade stuffing, I have to admit this is the second year I made it and both years it has not been impressive, so I am going to find a new stuffing to do next year.

This is a special treat for me, I love roasted onion, I did one for my partner as well

Then when Monkey is in bed and its very late, giving Santa a bit of a hand with the presents

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1 Response to Christmas Eve Prep

  1. Carol anne says:

    Awesome! Nice to be all prepped isnt it?

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