Trina Inquires 28/12/21

Now Christmas is over, you preparing for New Year?

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6 Responses to Trina Inquires 28/12/21

  1. KShai1715 says:

    I usually make a list of goals for the year. Not resolutions. Just goals I want to achieve. But I did not do it for this year, and I think I am going to skip 2022 as well.
    Not that I have no goals, but I think 2022 is going to be just such a weird year.
    Usually my goals include things like a place I want to visit, something I want to save for/buy. In the past, maybe a horse show I wanted to attend.
    My goals have changed so much over the years that I’m not really putting them down in a list at the start of each year any more.
    I know right as of now, my husband and I have trips planned, but none for 2022. We’ve got big major SUPER DUPER trips for 2023 and 2024.
    I’m looking forward to 2022, but it’s going to be an odd year for us, for sure. I’ve got some changes pending in 2022 as well that will be new and different. So I’ll guess we will just see!

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  2. masgautsen says:

    A little bit of work left today and then I will prepare! Hope you had a good Christmas!

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  3. I have started the usual re evaluate life stuff. And setting up my planner to align with them. Fingers crossed it works this year 😀

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  4. Carol anne says:

    I will be alone for new years this year. First time in my life that I won’t spend it with my parents.
    I just hope I’ll get through it. I think I’ll facetime a friend and watch some new years concerts on tv. Xx

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  5. Preparing? For the celebration or the resolutions?

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