Think its gone ok

Monkey went back to school on Wednesday, I have been using this time to try and get into a different routine, to maximum my time. I am capable of doing a few things at once, but sometimes, something needs my full attention, for example I can’t wash the dishes and use my laptop.

However I can make phonecalls, be on hold and type this post. Which is what I am doing, I have a busy paperwork day today, but once I have gotten through most of this, the next few Fridays should be fairly easy.

We are also thrilled to find out Monkey’s breakfast club is still running, he really enjoys it, plus he has his after school clubs starting up again next week and also his social life which is busier than most adults I know.

In the meantime, I am sitting on hold for PIP trying to sort that shitshow out, which is fun.

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11 Responses to Think its gone ok

  1. Simon says:

    How long will PIP drag out this shitshow?

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  2. Fingers crossed on the PIP front!

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  3. Carol anne says:

    Hope it was sorted! 🙂

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