I Get Knocked Down but I Get up Again…

Just as I am feeling better, my mental health took a hit again, I think last week, I was the worst I have been in years, I went full blown manic, so am now having to sort out the fallout from that.

Then two days of full blown depressive, to the point I had to ring the crisis team to try and get some sort of help, which turns out is to call the GP, who tell me to self refer to the crisis team.

In the end, I spoke to my best friend, chatted shit, spent the time in bed, part of this is due to my depression, the other part is that I am still suffering fatigue from having covid.

The best I can do though, is lets see how this week goes, I am doing better than I was last week already, by having cleaned the bathroom from top to bottom.

I am also sleeping at night, which is a massive bonus, but I am also napping, which is never good.I am just so tired from doing very simple thing.

One foot infront of the other at the moment.

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18 Responses to I Get Knocked Down but I Get up Again…

  1. You’re still recovering from covid, Trina, so go easy on yourself 🤗

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  2. Sheree says:

    Hope you feel better soon but don’t overdo it

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  3. The crashing to the ceiling and to the floor moodwise is a javalina’s snout to deal with. Oh, and how about throwing in red tape to make it a real carnival ride. Bleck. Sounds like the cleaning therapy’s in high gear! Glad you’re back from h,e, hockey sticks.

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  4. Carol anne says:

    Big hugs! I’m sorry things are shit there! I know the feeling! Sending love across the miles!

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