Well that was fun

Myself and Monkey spent Saturday starting to sort out his room, which at best looks like a lego bomb has gone off in it, I really want to get all those little jobs I have started finished, which does include lego, my sewing, and sorting out my bedroom.

Sunday, I was feeling lazy, I think I am still recovering, so I wanted to listen to my body and rest when it told me to, just as I was about to start dinner, we were plunged into darkness.

700 houses were without power, now for most people this would be annoying, my first thought was it was finally the zombie apolcoypse, so I sent my partner out to check, also we were being told power wouldn’t be back on till gone 9pm so we needed something to eat.

Off he went to see how far the power cut extended, while I stayed with Monkey, our conversation went like this

Monkey: Mummy if it zombies, what will happen to Dad

Me: I am sure he will be fine and will let us know, but if he comes back as a zombie what do we do/

Monkey: Chop his head off

Me: Good boy

Monkey: you have taught me well

Turns out no zombies, partner still has his head and the power came on afer just over an hour, by which point it was too late to start a roast that I had planned, so we grabbed a couple of pizzas and cooked those instead, the light in the lounge has blown but we couldn’t have a proper look at it till this morning, so fingers crossed we can get it working again. Going to spend the rest of the day finishing monkey’s room and starting on mine.

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6 Responses to Well that was fun

  1. Good to know that Monkey and you are totally prepared for the beginning of the zombie take over. One small thing I might mention? Maybe better to lay in supplies prior to the rolling blackouts so you do not need to risk sending your partner into impending doom? Thank you for my smile this morning. ๐Ÿ™‚

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