I guess we will stay in today then

The UK is being battered by some storm, but that has made half term miserable weatherwise.

We could always go out in it, but Monkey is now a bit too old to find puddles fun, I have every confident he will get that back at some point, but for now, too old to jump into puddles, meaning going out isn’t that much fun, because the play equipment is too slippy for him to play on.

This leaves places that cost money to go to, and due to rising costs, we are trying to cut back on as much as possible, meaning I am trying to be inventive at home, apparently doing the cleaning is not classed as fun, who knew.

Maybe tomorrow there will be enough break in the weather for us to go pokemon hunting.

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2 Responses to I guess we will stay in today then

  1. Carol anne says:

    aww poor monkey! The storms are hitting us here too! Its getting bad out there now. Xx

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