That didnt go as planned

I took a few days away from the internet to catch up on a few bits and peices on my flat, I seemed to have gotten less done then when I have the internet opened. I am not doing well at this time management lark.

I will give it a go again next week I think, mainly because its my birthday and I think the whole world should have a day off on my birthday, but I need to start sorting out my time properly and have bits in place to make sure I get things done.

Or I could just sit here thinking, you know what, I could have another go on wordle.

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41 Responses to That didnt go as planned

  1. ruthsoaper says:

    Happy Birthday!!!🎈

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  2. Kelly MacKay says:

    I hope you have the best birthday ever and a wonderful year a head.

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  3. Sometimes I feel I manage time better when I’m the most busy. Other times, just get frazzled. Like the wordle? Quite the worldwide phenomenon!

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  4. Have a happy birthday!!

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  5. Sheri Dye says:

    Staying organized amidst the chaos does seem to be an ongoing battle, doesn’t it?
    Better luck tomorrow!

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  6. Simon says:

    Does that mean I can take the day off work on your birthday?

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