This weekend, ended up with me being in a darkened room blaming my partner for a headache which lasted 24 hours.

It started on Saturday night and it wasn’t as though it was a searing pain, more a dull low level pain and just as I thought it had gone, something would stick a needle in my skull for about 2 seconds and then it would all start again.

I slept for over 12 hours on Saturday night and Sunday morning, I thought maybe it was due to lack of sleep, but when I woke up in hit me again about 15 minutes later, then I thought it was the lack of diet coke, I have been trying to cut down, ran out on Saturday and hadn’t replaced it, so thought it might be that, partner was dispatched to the shop to get me some and see if that worked, nop, still there.

Got more sleep on Sunday night and woke up Monday feeling alright, its really weird, the drugs didn’t seem to touch it, so I think maybe its a combination of lack of sleep and no diet coke, might be a bit more addicted to diet coke than I thought

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  1. maybe caffeine withdrawal because of the coke

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