Where in the World: Austria

I have come to the point with Western Europe, where all the countries that haven’t visited me, I have done posts on, why the Pope is not reading my blog is beyond me, but I will keep trying, so now we are going alphabetical. Andorra is, first, but I have done a post on them, next then is Austria. I have been here once, I think, lets see what else I can find out about this country

  1. Austria is boared by Germany to the northwest, Czech Republic to the north, Slovakia to the northeast, Hungary to the east, Slovenia and Italy to the south, Switzerland and Liechtenstein to the west
  2. The name Austria comes from a Germanic word austro meaning east and in German it is called Österreich meaning Eastern Realm
  3. St Peter Stiftskulinarium is the oldest resturant in Europe, having been around since 803AD
  4. In Vienna, you can find one of the largest cemetaries on the world (This might have something to do with the 9 or so major wars Vienna was involved in) but I think the best thing about this fact is the people in Vienna joke “It’s half the size of Zurich, but twice as much fun”
  5. Austria is landlocked, but still have beach bars how? They are in a cluster along the River Danube
  6. The Austrian Alps cover 62% of the country
  7. Vienna is the former seat of the Habsburg Empire, one place you can see how wealthy and important they were is at the Schönbrunn Palace, which boasts 1400 rooms
  8. The first female nobel peace prize winner comes from Austria, Bertha von Suttner
  9. Austria has produced some of the finest classical musicians ever, including Mozart and Beethovan
  10. Here is some tradional music for you and some traditional costumes as well
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4 Responses to Where in the World: Austria

  1. Sheree says:

    Loved the joke about Zurich! Not heard that one before.

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