Well thats annoying

On Sunday my partner, went off to go find electricity, our story for electricity is becoming a weekly saga, to be honest, whether we run out because we are not organised enough, have power cuts or in this case. When he came home, the key wasn’t working.

The problem with buying our electric (we are on a top up meter, so like a pay as you go phone) on a weekend, is that the people that can help you with anything are not in till Monday, so this meant Sunday was spent making sure we used the basic amount of electric, so that come Monday, I should have enough to get me through till it was sorted however that was going to happen.

Bang on 9am, I am on the phone to my electric company, because of course, they don’t have an online chat line, explaining the problem and to my surprise, she seemed a bit worried, so was I tbh, I had £1.76 to last me to try and sort this, she arranged an engineer to come out within 4 hours.

In some ways this was a good thing, it meant I didn’t have to run all over the place trying to sort this, getting a new key, but it did mean I was sitting in my flat unable to do anything worried my internet was going to go out.

Then my partner made the point that if they are late, how was Monkey going to get home, this was something I hadn’t thought of, so he arranged to leave work if necessary, which is turns out it was.

The engineers did arrive and the problem took a whole 5 minutes to sort, that includes walking up and down the 27 stairs, I am not exactly sure what was wrong, but they said it probably wouldn’t happen again, all in all an annoying day, but very easily sorted, but get into a routine of buying the damn electric on a Friday morning again

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5 Responses to Well thats annoying

  1. Carol anne says:

    Wow! That is why I’d never go on a metre, I’d be too afraid I’d run out and forget to top it up! Glad its sorted now! Xx

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  2. Glad the key is now activated. Wish the system were better so you didn’t have to do all that rigmorole!

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