I am not touching anything again

I explained what happened to my electrics on Monday, that got fixed, on Tuesday, I noticed my sinks were not draining and slightly more worrying when I had the washing machine on, water was coming up in both the kitchen sink and the bathroom sink. Must be a blockage right?

But there isn’t, or not one I can reach, but while doing my DIY lets fix, I may have broken the pipes under the kitchen sink, involving a phonecall and lots of photos to my partner to sort out.

Wednesday, I started hoovering, you may think I know how this is going to end and you would be correct, I have done something to the hoover so the whirly thing is not going round, tried to fix it, no joy, put to one side my for my partner to fix and went to make lunch, turned the hob on and nothing, turns out I may have blown a fuse. Flipped the switch and nothing, now I did manage to fix that, and my partner is going to have a look, however, this may actually require a phonecall to someone as while the draining issue, luckly both the landlords problem.

The hoover is mine, well I say mine, I do mean my partners problem.

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12 Responses to I am not touching anything again

  1. Sheree says:

    Oh dear, but then that’s your trio of problems. Everything should be okay going forward!

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  2. Back away from the drains slowly. Leave those to the professionals of which you nor I are of. LOL I can see you standing with the plunger swearing trying to figure out why the hell all the water is coming back up. Am sure there were some colorful curses to Neptune as well asking what the holy heck was wrong that he kept sending the suds back. Sounds like a holiday week to me. Nothing is going right so pretend to be on holiday and start again Sunday. This post is cheerful and happy…..even the fact that things around you are all loopy. LOVE IT!!! Have a great day Trina! 🙂

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