They just need a spreadsheet

Our government announced a mini budget today, what I got from it, is I dont get anything apart from rising costs, but the one thing that didn’t make any sense to me, is the National Insurance hike and then reducation.

We pay our national insurance, anything over £10,000 we pay NI on and it goes towards things such care homes, pension and a tiny bit towards the NHS, well since Brexit and we found out we were not getting our 350 million quid because we had left the EU, because well, people who wanted Brexit lied.

Then we got hit by covid, the government decided to add another tax, right I sort of understand that, but in todays budget, they have said that those people who were paying it on £10,000 now won’t have to pay it till they earn £12,000 and anything above. Which is about 1%

What I don’t get is they are taking away with one hand and giving with another, surely any decent spreadsheet would have cancelled that out, so why bother doing it?

Its being lorded as a good idea, but I am sitting here going, but its not, we are still in the same position as if they had left it alone, so my suggestion is the government get a good spreadsheet and figure this out properly.

Oh and unlike the covid spreadsheet, maybe back it up and don’t lose it.

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8 Responses to They just need a spreadsheet

  1. Sheree says:

    Lies, damm lies and statistics

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  2. Simon says:

    Do they have enough rows in this spreadsheet? Unlike the covid one?

    I don’t know hoe you can say those that wanted Brexit lied – It’s not like they sat on breakfast TV the morning after and said that the key message they were touting was never going to happen. I mean… they’re upstanding people 😉

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