Lets Reasses

I had hight hopes for going into town to pay some bills this morning, my brain decided that wasn’t happening, I woke up in a real state of anxiety, I feel like I have forgotten to do something and I am not sure what that is because I haven’t.

I think my day is mainly going to be trying to calm the fuck down, but those bills need paying, so once again I am going to have to take Monkey with me, just so I can get into town.

Some days really suck

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2 Responses to Lets Reasses

  1. For utilities and mortgage, I do auto-pay bank withdrawal. Never had a problem. This way the “roof over my head” necessities are always covered. Another reason is the mail deliverers always put bills in someone else’s mailbox on this street and often don’t get bills. I bring someone else’s bill to them if it is in my box. Apparently, my neighbors just throw mine in the trash. Other things I pay with credit card and pay the charge on line from my checking a few days later. This is one reason I have less than 8,000 miles on my 6 1/2 year old car.

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    • This is for gas and electic, we have a prepayment meter, so we have to pay for them before we use, due to very boring reasons, we can’t change them and the only way to top it up is to go to the post office and do it. I hate doing it, I hate standing in the queue for it as well


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